Sunday, October 29, 2006


We’ve come up with this new bank.
So that you can start saving at home.
Go ahead, open an account now.
You don’t have to fill any forms.
Nor do we need any ID proof.
It’s simple.
We used bamboo, actually
The hollow space between it’s two nodes,
Added a slot and made a bank.
It’s a complete secured enclosure
For all that money.
Put it on your bookshelf and
Nobody except you knows what it is.
Save that money bit-by-bit and
Grow naturally.

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 9thMay2006-10K47

{'Materialising' very soon - watch this space or leave us a message}

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Look who Jesus loves

If you still don't know who he loves.
Here we have a sticker
that tells you that.
Stick it on all the mirrors you see
and give it to your friends to do the same.
Let the world know that they too are loved.

(if you would like to have a free copy of the stickers

(concept: Santiago Rebello) dt: 9thSept2006

A Stamp-Stamp

A Stamp-Stamp

Stamp here! Stamp there!
Leave your footprints behind.

We have only one life.
We would always want to leave an impression behind.
Now here’s the opportunity to do that,
time and again wherever we went.
It could be on a book, a wall, on your letterhead,
below everything you wrote, on greeting cards,
on your bench at school,
on anything that belongs to you or
you wish it did….or just on anything!

I shall die someday.
But, my SOLE shall still remain.

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 25thApl2006-10K33

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Stale news that you can use as disposable coasters

Simply resize your old news papers to a size appropriate to your need.
Collect them in a file or bind them together as a pad and REuse!
Similar to what i have done with my old news papers,
converted them to coasters for daily use during 'chai-time' (tea-time.)
Very handy at office & home.

(concept: Neil Dantas)