Tuesday, December 08, 2009


This Bag concept is developed
using the RECYCLE logo in a maNNer
that it continues on the handles.
Making the meSSage quite direct & clear.
material: coTTon canvas + its double layered
& thus can be used inside-out (reversible)
available in:
Bombay - Attic - Santacruz (w)
Bombay - Bliss - Versova (aram nagar 1)
Bombay - Tappu Ki Dukaan - Fort (near bombay store)
Pune - EitherOr - Sassoon Road
Goa - Ferreira - Calangute
Hyderabad - Dcube - Jubliee hills
Bangalore - Levitate - 100 ft. Rd. Indiranagar

Monday, December 01, 2008

The EQUAL Flag

You'll think
Its another one of those
Social messages
By The Doers as usual
What Do they think
This will change
The way things are
With a sticker that resembles
The National Flag

We Believe we CAN
We Believe You Can
We Believe In Equality
We know it'll Die Out
the noise that the media
is making right Now

We know they will
stop showing care & concern
and reshuffling cabinets

We know some of them
will ask you to mind
your own business
when you feel threatened
it might be another attack

Want this to change
Then Stick to Equality
Paste it on doors
On Books
On Cars
Where They can See it
And Know that YOU care
And They can't Break YOU.

(concept: Neil Dantas + Anil Parmar) dt: Nov2008

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Recycle of Love

'Raksha Bandhan'

is a special occasion to celebrate this emotional bonding
between brothers and sisters on the full-moon day of the Shravan month
which comes once every year
where in the sisters tie a holy thread around the wrist of their Brothers.

This thread, which pulsates with sisterly love and sublime sentiments,
is rightly called the ‘Rakhi’.
It means 'a bond of protection'

However the Rakhi seen above
is totally made out of Re-cycled material
(news-print dipped in colour + cotton yarn)
(concept: Priya Shah) dt: 28thAug2007

Monday, April 30, 2007


Do you own the following?

1) A box load of Bright ideas

2) A metal cupboard

3) A refrigerator

4) An iron bed...


Then nothing can hamper you Genius

Cos a few bright ideas

(supported by our magnets Ofcourse)

will help

Keep your attire sparkling

Your food fresh and healthy

And if they still haunt you

Shall drive off those monsters

from underneath your bed


Bright Idea magnets

"If the idea aint bright the bulb won't ignite"

Caution: Our Bright Idea Magnets have been developed
to grope at any of your bright ideas coming their way
so as to protect them from getting plagiarised,
hence we apologise to all virgin ideas and conceptualizing minds
for this behaviour on behalf of the magnets.
We'd suggest the earlier the ideas get executed the better.

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 7thAug2006-10K137

Friday, April 27, 2007


Don’t form a different Opinion
Or take a Tour De Fantasy
This one was Pleasure
But it was for a Purpose

Cos you couldn't Witness it.
Don't Be
You can be a part of the experience
Infact as many as you want

Bet, you never thought it'd snap like this. Did You?
(Household Storage Device in Polycarbonate)

Configured to store Everthing from CDs, Floopies, Medicines, Small Notepads... the list goes on and if you like it you could use it as a partition To neatly stack underwear in your Wardrobe

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 3rdApril2006-10K11

Sunday, January 14, 2007


it as so called is clock urdu the ,put Simply
.likewise read is and numbers urdu contains

tell to is Clock Urdu the of purpose The
time right the is left (going) the that you
suceed and achieve do to

NOTE: (The above text is read like urdu)

(concept: Nityesh Dharampal + Neil Dantas) dt: 20th Sept 2006

Monday, December 04, 2006

Whatdayisit Calendar

2007 is gonna be the year
The Doers will make you popular, brainier, prosperous
Most Importantly Happier Than Ever.

How???.......... You ask

You Now can recite upto four times seven that's brainy, Ha ha!!!!!!
You Remembered your bosses b'day and also your mom in laws
That's being popular in sectors you'd never expect otherwise
Once you have achieved the above 2 tasks
Success and prosperity are not far behind
SO NOW doesn't that make you the happier than Ever

Now you'll never ask anyone what day is it??

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 14thMar2006-9K991

{message fekko with email for a free kalandar...full of good remarks! yah re...the gen-R-us}

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Winning is Everything

Winning is not about just being Lucky.
It’s about how you look at it.
Coz a winner only sees victory.
He cannot settle for anything less than that.
For him there is no compromise.
Anything that he does in his life
he would wanna do it Best.

This is a Dice for all those winners in you
which reminds you of what you’re all about.
It could be your best buddy accompanying you
Boosting your self esteem or could
lie on your table pretending to be a paperweight.
But, actually you know what role it plays.
Coz nothing can stop you
when you know that
“Winning is Everything.”

(concept: Nityesh Dharampal) dt: 15thMay2006

{'Materialising' very soon - watch this space or leave us a message}

Sunday, October 29, 2006


We’ve come up with this new bank.
So that you can start saving at home.
Go ahead, open an account now.
You don’t have to fill any forms.
Nor do we need any ID proof.
It’s simple.
We used bamboo, actually
The hollow space between it’s two nodes,
Added a slot and made a bank.
It’s a complete secured enclosure
For all that money.
Put it on your bookshelf and
Nobody except you knows what it is.
Save that money bit-by-bit and
Grow naturally.

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 9thMay2006-10K47

{'Materialising' very soon - watch this space or leave us a message}

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Look who Jesus loves

If you still don't know who he loves.
Here we have a sticker
that tells you that.
Stick it on all the mirrors you see
and give it to your friends to do the same.
Let the world know that they too are loved.

(if you would like to have a free copy of the stickers
contact: santiago.rbll@gmail.com)

(concept: Santiago Rebello) dt: 9thSept2006

A Stamp-Stamp

A Stamp-Stamp

Stamp here! Stamp there!
Leave your footprints behind.

We have only one life.
We would always want to leave an impression behind.
Now here’s the opportunity to do that,
time and again wherever we went.
It could be on a book, a wall, on your letterhead,
below everything you wrote, on greeting cards,
on your bench at school,
on anything that belongs to you or
you wish it did….or just on anything!

I shall die someday.
But, my SOLE shall still remain.

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 25thApl2006-10K33

{Ready for a stomping time? leave a message....no free foot massage}

Stale news that you can use as disposable coasters

Simply resize your old news papers to a size appropriate to your need.
Collect them in a file or bind them together as a pad and REuse!
Similar to what i have done with my old news papers,
converted them to coasters for daily use during 'chai-time' (tea-time.)
Very handy at office & home.

(concept: Neil Dantas)