Sunday, January 14, 2007


it as so called is clock urdu the ,put Simply
.likewise read is and numbers urdu contains

tell to is Clock Urdu the of purpose The
time right the is left (going) the that you
suceed and achieve do to

NOTE: (The above text is read like urdu)

(concept: Nityesh Dharampal + Neil Dantas) dt: 20th Sept 2006


prado said...


But didnt get the mechanism of it...does it work anti-clockwise. Interesting. Letme know.

tanya said...

awsome idea
so which way is clockwise......

shireen said...

this one is my favorite.. esp. the thot behind it... but it does function ant clockwise na? very cool..

Amritha Menon said...

very nice!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! This helped so much! I've seen a couple
rather confusing websites lately, this cleared up some confusion I had.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This helped a lot! I've seen several
rather confusing sites lately, this cleared up a lot confusion I had.