Monday, April 30, 2007


Do you own the following?

1) A box load of Bright ideas

2) A metal cupboard

3) A refrigerator

4) An iron bed...


Then nothing can hamper you Genius

Cos a few bright ideas

(supported by our magnets Ofcourse)

will help

Keep your attire sparkling

Your food fresh and healthy

And if they still haunt you

Shall drive off those monsters

from underneath your bed


Bright Idea magnets

"If the idea aint bright the bulb won't ignite"

Caution: Our Bright Idea Magnets have been developed
to grope at any of your bright ideas coming their way
so as to protect them from getting plagiarised,
hence we apologise to all virgin ideas and conceptualizing minds
for this behaviour on behalf of the magnets.
We'd suggest the earlier the ideas get executed the better.

(concept: Neil Dantas) dt: 7thAug2006-10K137


Anonymous said...

Bright idea indeed!!
cool way to jot down those brainstorming sessions and put 'em up..

ritu said...

this one is intresting......not only for brainstorming sessons...but can be used in day to day life........reminders...lists etc........specially for people who are stuff

Anonymous said...

heyy.. nice idea.I especially liked ur comment at the end..'no rights reserved.Feel free to copy.'....hehehe

Anonymous said...

I lowweeeee it!!

bindhu said...

the IDEA is Bright!!! wud really work in more than ONE way in MANY places......

prado said...

cool!!!!!! neat idea.............. ur sketch on the reminder note is also damn neat........ekdum perfect you. whoz sketchd it. just a added thought......what if u get the bulb actually printed like one of those glowing stickers it glows in the dark......what you think. some light will make the idea even brighter.

Bhavna said...

Love your products! Where can i find you in Delhi?

Yashada said...

coool idea.. where can i get dis stuff? n for how much?