Monday, December 01, 2008

The EQUAL Flag

You'll think
Its another one of those
Social messages
By The Doers as usual
What Do they think
This will change
The way things are
With a sticker that resembles
The National Flag

We Believe we CAN
We Believe You Can
We Believe In Equality
We know it'll Die Out
the noise that the media
is making right Now

We know they will
stop showing care & concern
and reshuffling cabinets

We know some of them
will ask you to mind
your own business
when you feel threatened
it might be another attack

Want this to change
Then Stick to Equality
Paste it on doors
On Books
On Cars
Where They can See it
And Know that YOU care
And They can't Break YOU.

(concept: Neil Dantas + Anil Parmar) dt: Nov2008

1 comment:

hindustani khekda said...

Don't you guys think that we must tell the screwballs we call netas, should understand that a 2% margin is a fundamental right in Mumbai's constitution ? ;)

2% mujhe bhi!

Mantriji, mera hissa kidhar hai?

Commissioner ke pehle, mera do takka.

Neta, gheta, leta ... deta kuch nahin!

War on Corruption!
( white topi, tobacco in palms, the red spray - puchook!)

"If you ask for bribe I shall call the Anti Terrorist Squad!"

Ek taraf Jawanon ki Army.
Doosri taraf sab Neta harami.

"We have cameras in our shirt collars"
"This shirt has a camera in the collar"

"I have a 4 megapixel camera in my mobile. Want a bribe?"

Chai pani? Mere paas kitli, batli nahi, ek CAMERA hai!

MERA do takka kaat ke kitna hota hai?

"Karkare Saheb died for you?!?!?!?"

I think on Friday 12th, we have three human chains being organised across mumbai - caps, t-shirts, banners, posters, at the very minimum, pamphlets will be a great thing.

I'll be glad to buy a few of those.
Less than 48 hours is tough, I know, but something's better than nothing :)

My few art-less contributions are:
more percentages...
many 2 percent in one page

Good Luck, I'll try to be there too.